Thursday, June 7, 2012

Art Girona 70mm, Celt 3 B.C.

Welcome back after a longer break. I was quite busy over the past weeks. I took Polish Winged Hussar to the Tulsa Show last weekend, where I was awarded a silver medal in the historic painters category. It was unexpectable and it felt nice.

Here is the another project I started some time ago. As I promised this is a little larger scale than Hussar. It is 70mm figure of celt from 3 B.C. It has been realesed by Art Girona.

I wanted to show you a picture from the progress on the skin. It is not a best quality picture. I took the photograph right after the painting session with my phone. From the picture you can see that torso and arms are finished. There is a basecoat only on the face and feet. I was going to achieve a caucasian light tones of the skin, but I will let you judge, if I found it right. :)

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